Keeping a constant and consistent flow of information between your school and your families is important for a variety of reasons. Families like to know what’s their children are involved in at the school, they like to be kept up-to-date on current events and news, and it helps them know that the school is active and responsive. For the past 100 years this was accomplished by sending home a paper newsletter. But, as the song goes, The Times They Are A Changin’!

An E-newsletter is a newsletter that has been designed to be sent to your email address contact list. It can contain text and images, your school logo, complimentary colors, and has an overall attractive design. More and more, families would rather receive their correspondence in this fashion and have the school save a few trees by cutting down on paper printing.

There are several options for the type and level of service that we can provide. Call or email today for details and useful information!