Montessori Postcards & Mailers

Reach TARGETED families in your community with Montessori Postcards in 3 easy steps:

1. We design Montessori postcards – always custom for your school.
2. We locate select families who meet geographic and income criteria, as well as have children in home within defined age ranges.
3. You approve the design, and we print, inkjet mailing addresses, apply postage and mail!

These Montessori postcards are samples of our work and not intended to be templates to be chosen from.
When you are ready, we custom design everything based on the needs and direction from your school!

Stir Your Imagination

Take your time to browse our Montessori Postcards and samples and keep in mind that we can modify, combine, or start from scratch – all for the same price.

Our Experience

After twelve years of experience and after mailing over a quarter of a million postcards for our Montessori clients, direct mail has proven to be a cost effective method of marketing for many schools.

Our Services

When we create Montessori postcards our services are complete and all-inclusive consisting of consultation, design, printing, mailing lists acquisition, labeling, postcard and managed mailings.

Our Advantage

Choosing Go Montessori gives you the strength of a professional advertising agency, without the sticker shock. First, we provide professional consultation and in-house graphic design. Second, we have negotiated contracts with printers, mail houses, and list providers and are able to pass along our savings to your school. If you think your school can’t afford our services, think again! We’ve sculpted our business to be able to work with Montessori schools of all shapes and sizes.

Ballpark Budget

$1,000-$5,000+. As you mail to more households, your unit price drops. A good rule of thumb is to budget about $1 per household that you mail to. This price includes everything needed to get a postcard to families in your community – including design, printing, purchasing a mailing list, and processing and postage!