Who is Go Montessori?

We are a successful team of marketing, graphic design, and web development professionals serving Montessori schools throughout the world! Founded in 2002, our team has 40 years of combined experience in Montessori school marketing.  We have worked with well over 400 Montessori schools in nearly every state in the US, as well as 4 continents! No marketing firm has more experience producing Montessori school marketing materials and plans than Go Montessori.

Our vision is to help Montessori schools increase their enrollment through traditional and online marketing, advertising and public relations projects. We create Montessori school marketing that is graphically compelling and content rich print and electronic marketing materials that help your school build a solid brand and lasting impression on families in your community.

In addition to our work with schools, we have also contributed to leading Montessori publications, including Tomorrow’s Child, Montessori Leadership and Montessori International, as well as attended many conferences throughout the country.

To better serve our clients, we now have offices on both the East and West coast of the United States and we maintain business hours Monday through Friday from 10AM to 7PM EST (7AM-4PM PST)

We have sculpted our company to work with schools of all shapes and sizes and most any budget. If you’re looking for a new website, online marketing through use of display advertising or re-marketing, a new brochure or postcard mailer, or any other type of marketing material, we hope you will consider Go Montessori.  Please e-mail us to let us know about your school and to request a quote for services.

Contact us: We look forward to hearing from you!