1. 5 Best Practices for Using Pop-Up Ads

    Typically, when people think of “pop-up ads” they think of those annoying pop-up windows from the late 1990’s that assaulted a user immediately upon landing on a website. Those pop-ups of yesteryear were aggravating, ineffective, and could drive users away from a site. So why on earth would we want to use them now? Fortunately,… Continue Reading »

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    How to Define and Measure Success for Marketing Campaigns

    Don’t get caught in the trap in thinking that marketing is a quick fix to low enrollment numbers Defining success when it comes to marketing can be confusing and frustrating, even to the most seasoned business professional.  So it’s no wonder that many Montessori administrators have a difficult time deciding whether or not spending money… Continue Reading »

  3. 25 Ways to 7 Marketing Touchpoints

    Ways to sow the Montessori marketing seeds that will help you build awareness and boost enrollment by utilizing marketing touchpoints. When telling someone about your Montessori school, have you ever had them respond in surprise “I didn’t even know there was a Montessori school in our town!” “The important thing to remember is that prospective… Continue Reading »

  4. Websites 101

    Today, websites are one of the most used and important ways to communicate with your school’s key audiences. Never before has there been a tool for business communication that is as inexpensive, accessible, and adaptable as are websites. For businesses, websites are as expected as a sign on the door. Like the telephone, radio and… Continue Reading »

  5. 6 Tips for Direct Mail Success

    Did you know direct mail is STILL a great marketing tool for your school? Direct mail is memorable, easy for customers to process, and actually has a better response rate than email marketing. Direct mail is a great way to reach your local families by letting prospective families know about upcoming events such as Open… Continue Reading »

  6. 6 Month Marketing Timeline for Montessori Schools

    It’s January and the school year is quickly racing by.  If you have not yet thought about marketing, then this article is for you. We’ve created the most compact 6-month marketing plan on the planet! Use the ideas below to kick-start your planning and make a positive impact on your enrollment. Remember that marketing is… Continue Reading »

  7. Marketing Montessori Now!

    Happy New Year! With the holiday celebrations behind us, and students beginning the second half of the year, it’s now time for your school to begin a marketing push for Fall 2014. It may seem early, but there are good reasons to get started now in order to put your school in the best position for success. Three Reasons… Continue Reading »

  8. The Road to Low Enrollment is Paved WIth Good Intentions

    Remember when Word-of-Mouth was the only thing your school needed in terms of marketing? Ah, the good ol’ days! Remember last fall when enrollment was less than you’d hoped for? That was right around the same time that you promised that you would take a look at some real marketing in the late winter and… Continue Reading »

  9. You Ask, We Answer!

    Do you have questions about marketing your Montessori school? Send your questions to and we’ll provide an answer via email, along with choosing a few for inclusion in a future e-newsletter.