1. Montessori Calendar of Events

    Thank you, Mr. Dennis Shapiro of Public School Montessorian for maintaining one of the best Montessori calendars online. Find it here and plan your travel!

  2. Thinking about Mobile?

    Go Montessori has recently launched our new mobile website! Are you new to mobile and interested in it for your school?  See what the Go Montessori website looks like on mobile compared to the desktop version by visiting this page for mobile and this page for the regular desktop version. This new mobile site is a… Continue Reading »

  3. Join Us on Facebook!

    It’s easy! Visit our Facebook page and then click “LIKE” once you’re there! We update this page with new ideas, new client websites, Montessori news, and we have even been known to have a contest now and then!

  4. Enroll, Enroll, Enroll!

    Many Montessori schools, including those that have been around for decades, are still unclear on the best time of year to market their school. While we believe that marketing is a year-round activity, there are clearly times throughout the year that are better than others if you are on a tight budget. What’s the best… Continue Reading »

  5. Avoid Phone & Mail Marketing Scams

    Back in the days of the telephone book (remember those?), the telephone company lacked the foresight to trademark the phrase “yellows pages” and the “walking fingers” logo. Unfortunately, this has made it easy for unscrupulous businesses to try to take advantage of others. Here’s how it generally works: Your school will get an “invoice” from… Continue Reading »

  6. Trevor Eissler Does It Again!

    We were quite impressed with Trevor Eissler’s first animated video on YouTube that has helped many people to better understand Montessori. His latest release is just as good and called “How Do You Hug A Child Like This?”  It’s worth the view and sharing throughout your school community. [iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

  7. Montessori Calendar of Events

    As always, we offer a big thank you to Dennis Shapiro at Public School Montessorian for maintaining one of the best Montessori calendars online. Find it here and plan your travel!

  8. Attack Your To-Do List!!

    I hope that you have had a successful end to your school year and are now finding some time to enjoy the summer. I know many of you work a 12-month year, but hopefully there is a vacation in your near future! If you’re like everyone else in the world, you’ve accumulated a to-do list… Continue Reading »

  9. Direct Mail Campaign

    Direct mail campaigns are easy, really. Go Montessori will design, print, and mail a custom and professionally designed Direct Mail postcard to your target audience in your specified geographic region. Now is the time to capture last minute decision makers over the summer and to deliver your message to families in your community who may… Continue Reading »